How exciting can be Youth and Childhood! This is a time of friends, exploring the world, discovering new things, curiosity and incredible activity. Nowadays children have an interesting life!

DanceTravelRussia offers special programs for groups of children of different age. These programs will include master classes in various areas of dance and interesting, interactive excursions.

We will make unforgettable visit to St. Petersburg for your children!

Programs for children are formed upon a request.  Please write us what you would like us to organize and we will design a specific program for you and your children together with experienced dance trainers.

It is important to tell us what kind of dances your children would like to learn, do they have basic knowledge of choreography, do they dance in any folk/ball dance/latino/ballet group etc. That will help us to make adjusted for their level program.  



Options for the program "Children's Dance Master Classes for Beginners":

  • Choreography for children. Russian ballet is known all over the world. Your children will try themselves in this world famous dance style in the capital of world ballet under the guidance of experienced children’s teachers.

    Folk dance – folklore and traditions. We will teach your children the basics of Russian folk dance.

    Ballroom dancing – romantic and beauty … it is not only unusually beautiful, but also a very healthy passion.

    Latin American dances – dynamics and energy, will allow you to pour out energy, learn how to effectively dance, have a bright time.

That might be an incredible experience of learning how to dance in the one of the most luxurious ballrooms in one of the most beautiful cities in the world– St. Petersburg!

Стандартные программы мастер-классов:

  • The duration of a daily master class of the selected type of class (dance) is 1hour. It can be a group of 10 to 20 people at one master class.
  • The dance center has everything necessary for conducting classes in comfortable conditions: a hall in the palace interior, locker rooms, showers, a fireplace room and a kitchen.
    The organization of lunch, lunch, tea.
  • A special photo session with a professional photographer can also be included in the program.
  • Simultaneously with holding a children’s master class, it is possible to organize a special program for parents. Parents will also be able to learn to dance in our beautiful Dance Center!

We also offer special excursion programs for children.

You just have to choose a program, reserve it and come to St. Petersburg for incredible impressions!

Make your visit to St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia, the capital of world ballet – unforgettable!