Dance center visitors reviews

I enjoyed master classes a lot!  Oleg Yumatov and Julia Zueva are great trainers with individual approach to the needs of every participant. I experienced difficulties during choreography exercises, that was not  surprising, as I never did it before, but it was so interesting and as a result almost everything worked out. Oleg showed some tricks not only for classical choreography, but also for modern dances. It was very exciting. As I am Russian, it was specifically interesting for me to study Russian folk dance, to learn not only the order of the figures and movements, but to hone the correctness of their performance so that at the end the dance turned out beautiful.

I'd like to mention that friendly environment which were created by Julia and Oleg and their professionalism make a wonderful atmosphere of master classes. I had great feelings and a desire to visit the Centre again! Thanks a lot!

Natalya Volgova

This is the best Dance Studio in St. Petersburg and the oldest one. There are different thematic courses on all tango styles available only at this place of St. Petersburg, which makes this Dance Center a real foundation of tango in the city. This school is a branch of the tango Buenos Aires Academy. There is a Tango Museum in the Center with good collection about tango history. Also I’d like to mention really good and balanced program of dance lessons and great tutors. All masters can give you a lot if you want to learn how to dance tango!

Pavel Fedorov

Ballet has been my life for almost 20 years and I came to this Studio to learn tango. I always envy people who can easily dance at a wedding, a birthday party, or just in a restaurant, no matter where. I always wanted to have this courage and easy going with “dances for everyone”.

A couple of tango lessons opened a secret door for me in the art of partnership: respect, understanding from the first sign.

Julia, our tutor, taught us to feel the slightest movement of the partner, to relax and give your partner a power to guide you, and to trust. That was exciting lesson to me in our emancipated world where we should be strong, do everything by ourselves... And in tango you just need to relax and trust. Oh, how difficult it was and how nice.

Also I like the school is located in an old building with fantastic ballroom.

That was incredible!

Lina Sheveleva

Prima ballerina «Imperial Russian Ballet» of Gedeminas Taranda

Amazing discovery! Love at first sight! It was wonderful, bright and picturesque atmosphere. There are different dance schools and a lot of people, that was really interesting!

Alexander Tsoy

Thanks to the atmosphere and wonderful teachers. We learned how to dance, love, breath, feel! Friendly, warm, cozy atmosphere. It were a lot of interesting lessons and very professional individual approach.

Elena Dragnysh

An explosion of emotions!!!

Kirill Zashovt

Very beautiful and bright place... Beside good teachers, partners, and music, this is very important for me how the place looks like. I’ve been to many places in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and can compare. My best compliments and recommendations to this Dance Studio! There is a “flavor” of Petersburg here... everything is so beautiful!!! Many thanks to Julia for the opportunity to learn from different teachers (interesting master classes)!

Svetlana Astafieva

Latina much better than cakes! That has been proved!

Olga Arcadieva

I want to thank you for allowing me to learn “out-of the-box” side of life. The Dance Center helped me to improve my emotional world through music, movements, contacts with people. Thanks to the Center and its enchanting atmosphere, it leaves warmth and gratitude in the hart. Many thanks to all organizers of these events!

Dmitry Khabarov

Luxurious and nice Club! Splendid atmosphere!


I am very impressed! It was exciting! The students learned quite quickly, thanks to the talent of the teachers - masters of dances.

Azize Dea Torres